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Increase attic insulation. If existing insulation level is R-19 or less, consider insulating your attic to at least R-30. (Savings up to 10%). Install new windows .

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The attic has about R30 insulation. I am considering whether . HDD for me average of 25 years looks to be about ~2850 UxAxHDDx24x1.055 .

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What do I need to know about upgrading my attic insulation? . all new homes to have a minimum of R30 insulation in a ceiling under an attic space and . The savings shown are based on average weather and home construction and only .

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At the time, the guidelines for ceiling insulation were an R-30 in my climate . Some of these savings can be attributed to thicker sidewall insulation, an air . However, in your existing home, you might save $150 to $200 per year on average.

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40 percent of a home's energy loss excates through the attic. . with base case insulation and air leakage levels equivalent to the average . Covers entire attic in less than 1.5 hours (1000 sq. ft. attic with R-30); R-30 insulation energy savings .

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in the attic provides better protection than the typical R-30 insulation offered by . Estimated annual energy savings is $20 to $40 per year for an average home.

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    Oct 1, 2010 . In Part I we looked at the basics of attic insulation, including the . you can use a calculator to determine savings achieved for different . an R20 to R30 upgrade ASSUMING NO INCREASES in utility costs, . Simply measure the depth of the insulation in four or five spots in your attic, and take the average .

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The average cooling energy savings from the RBS retrofit was 3.6 kWh/day, or about 9%. The average . Attic insulation varied from R-9 to R-30 at the homes.

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. Sun Energy Center, to offer low-cost attic insulation at $0.40/ft2, for a total approximate cost of $500 per household (retail value is $2300). Since attic insulation is generally the most expensive measure, this helps . Savings: $10.00 -$52.00/year per unit installed. . Ceiling/Attic Insulation: Insulate to R-30 value or greater.

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